Julien Fargetton

  • La gronde

  • 2018, Chantenay, Nantes
  • Beeswax, paper - 315 mm x 315 mm - Recording duration: 4min 30s
  • With the help of Anne Guillou, Atelier LEAP, Saskia Selwood, Espace Mira, Emilie Schoelink, Pierre-Antoine Parois, Pierre Pierre Pierre.

Edition of 35 vinyls, recording the sound of a bee's hive in the neighbourhood of Chantenay.
Made entirely out of beeswax from Chantenay.

Price: 40€ + shipping
To order one, please write to: contact@miraecodesign.com
or visible in Espace Mira - 1B Rue Voltaire, 44000 Nantes, France