Julien Fargetton



Julien Fargetton [...] casts a curious eye on the world, looking for the origins of things, even if it means changing their destiny. In his drawings, his sculptures inventions and performative actions, Fargetton walks turn by turn in the footsteps of an explorer, an inventor and an anthropologist, who poetically and wittily expresses the opposite of the forms of determinism of the world surrounding him.

Extracts by Hanna Alkema



- Festival VRRRAIMANT curated by Metaxu Center, Toulon, France


- documenta fifteen with El Warcha, curated by Ruangrupa, Kassel, Germany
- You Never Know When the Bridge Falls Apart curated by Jenne Grabowski, Berlin
- SREDA, curated by Margarita Kudrina, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Departure, curated by Alina Mann, Tegel Airport, Berlin
- Réunion Confort in Atelier Canard, curated by Pauline Toyer and Celsian Langlois, Cormeray, France
- Pfeil Magazine#15 BREAD by Montez Press, curated by Anja Dietmann & Julia Lerch Zajaczkowska, New York/Hamburg
- Cineclub Campo Aberto na Broteria, curated by Sofia Ponto Pires, Lisboa, Portugal


- Food Culture Days, curated by Valentina D'Avenia, Tali Seruya, Margaux Schwab, Vevey, Switzerland
- CURRENT Kunst und Urbaner Raum curated by Laura Bernhardt, Julia Lerch Zajączkowska, Nora Unger, Stuttgart, Germany
- Festival Iminente with El Warcha Collective, curated by Carla Cardoso, Diana Sousa, Lisboa, Portugal


- Caillasses, invited by Constructlab, at Embassy for Foreign Artists, Genève, Switzerland


- Space, invited by Alain De Clerck, Liège, Belgium
- Performance "The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box" invited for a project of Brad Downey at Bethanien Zentrum"Slow Motion Disasters", Berlin, Germany
- Performance for "All Right Reversed" curated by Rita Kudrina for the Sofia Art Week, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Workshop "Ich habe mein Regenschirm vergessen", invited by Rosario Telavi, Gilly Karjevsky / Raumlabor Berlin Floating University, Berlin, Germany


- La Gronde, Residency in Chantenay invited by Atelier LEAP, Galerie Mira, Nantes, France
- IPIHAN 8 invited by Sybille Neumeyer, Altenburg, Germany
- RAUM VOLLREINIGUNG curated by Clemens Behr, Berlin, Germany
- Bien-Urbain curated by Brad Downey, Besançon, France
- Floating University with Raumlabor, Berlin, Germany
- #Exhibitionists, When public attitude become form : 0, Roma, Italy
- Party Content, March, Liège, Belgium
- The starting point that will also be the exit, curated by Rose Pacult, January, Montreuil, France


- Prix Krystal Montrouge, Galerie Arty Family, Paris, France
- Soirée Montrouge, Tokyo Art Club, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
- Shelters, Atelier La Vallée, Bruxelles, Belgique
- Stuwa, curated by COAL, Altenach, France
- En attendant César, with Paul Souviron, Retzwiller, France
- Open Days, Trabrennbahn Mariendorf, Germany


- From Bit to Paper curated by Filipe Pais, Le Shadok, Strasbourg, France
- 61st Salon de Montrouge curated by Ami Barak and Marie Gautier, Paris, France
- Retour sur terre, Printemps de l'Art Contemporain, Atelier Ni, Marseille, France
- Résidence Voyons-voir au Domaine de Saint-Ser, Aix-en-Provence, France
- Slavyanka curated by Monica Campana, Moscow, Russia
- Hallo Festspiele with Pauline Fischer, curated by Doro Hallbrock, Hamburg, Germany
- Hallo Plataforma with Estel Fonseca, Trafaria, Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa, Portugal


- Vienna Art Fair, closure performance with Philip Teuchler and Brad Downey, Vienna, Austria
- Walk & Talk with Brad Downey, Azores islands, Portugal
- Acht und Null, Potsdam, Germany
- As Naus | The returns of the Caravels, Casa do Vapor, Lisbon, Portugal


- Market Ready / Untitled : Gallery Schau Fenster, Berlin, Germany
- Making The City : Temporary Encounters with the German performance collective Maximum Service (ZTUE, Umschichten, cobratheater.cobra, Jacques Palminger, Serena Patalano, Mira Laskowski, Pauline Fischer) Copenhagen, Denmark
- Night of Plovdiv : Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- Chromoos : Berlin, Germany


- Unkraut : MS Dockville Hamburg, Germany
- Guests : Basic Space Dublin, Ireland
- Brussels Art Fair : with Atelier Tchikebe Brussels, Belgium


- Archist Opus 2 : Galerie nomade Marseille with Thomas Bratzke, Matthias Wermke, Jazoo Yang, The Wa, Jérôme Fino, Feromil, Franziska Windischse
- Entwender Oder : Residency with The Wa at the Dockville Festival Hamburg, Germany
- Quarter : Gallery A with Evol, The Wa, Brad Downey, Tryone, Elfo, BR1, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Jazoo Yang, Matthias Hübner... Warsaw, Poland
- Pousser la vis : Ateliers de la ville en bois Nantes, France
- Mémoires d'éléphants : L'Atelier, Nantes, France


- Mauvais coups pour trois fois rien : DAF Nantes, France
- Que sera, sera : Atelier Lebras, Nantes, France
- Cabaret Maison : Port Bodin, France
- Welcome on board : Hall Alstom 6, Nantes, France
- Exposition sur table n°10 : School of Architecture of Nantes, France
- Ne jamais remettre à demain ce que l'on peux faire à une seule : La Graineterie invited by Julien Nédelec, Houilles, France


- Mothership Union : Conception of a poster edited to 2000 exemplaries based on the artwork Mothership Union by Mickaël Sellam
- Carne : Paris XIXéme, France
- Glasnost Dead II : Ateliers Du Vent , Rennes, France
- Glasnost Dead : Maison folie de moulin, Lille, France


- LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) : Group show Ecole d'architecture de Nantes, France
- Les cratères du futur : Group show, Zoo Galerie, Nantes, France
- Quality Street : Group Show Nothing but Printing, Berlin, Germany
- Banal pressé : Atelier Félix Thomas, Nantes, France


- John Rimbaud : Group show, Atelier Félix Thomas, Nantes, France
- Mute : Group show, galerie de l'ERBAN, Nantes, France
- Love me trouble : Group show, Atelier Félix Thomas, Nantes, France


- C'est pas qu'on soit heureux mais on est content : Goup show, galerie de l'ERBAN, Nantes, France



- Nantes Art School (France)


- Bourges National Art School (France)